Teeth Extractions in Hyannis, MA - Gentle and Efficient Tooth Removal

Teeth Extractions in Hyannis, MA - Gentle and Efficient Tooth Removal

Extractions are common among dental patients and are very often simple procedures. Tooth preservation is important for optimal oral health and functioning. However, when patients need Tooth extractions in Hyannis, MA, it’s an essential part of restoring and maintaining dental health as well as preventing potentially serious oral health problems in the future. Hyannis Dental Partners offers extractions near you. Our dentists will help you through each step of the process.

Tooth Extraction Process

Our dentists in Hyannis, MA, may perform extractions for several reasons. For example, an extraction may be necessary for patients with stubborn baby teeth, extra teeth, or teeth that are overcrowded in the mouth. In addition, extractions may be necessary for serious tooth infections and irreparable decay.

For simple extractions with visible teeth, our dentists will give patients a local anesthetic to numb the area. Then the tooth is loosened and professionally removed from the socket. If a tooth is within the gum or impacted, as is common with wisdom teeth, the extraction process is a bit more complex.

Tooth Extractions and Recovery

Our dentists near you will recommend rest and limited physical activity on a temporary basis. Most patients feel just fine and return to their normal routines after simple extractions.

Prescribed medications, if any, should be taken properly and as directed. Patients are advised to eat soft foods and brush their teeth carefully in order to prevent any disturbance to the socket of the extracted tooth. This ensures proper healing.

Typically, a dental extraction is a routine procedure with low risks of complication. When possible, it’s important to preserve a patient’s tooth and avoid extraction. However, an extraction may be necessary to restore oral health. Contact Hyannis Dental Partners for information about dental extractions near you.

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