9 Reasons Why You May Need Tooth Extraction

9 Reasons Why You May Need Tooth Extraction

While dentists always strive to save natural teeth whenever possible, there are situations or dental conditions that may require tooth extraction to maintain your oral health. In this article, let’s explore some common reasons for tooth extractions near you.

Reasons for extracting a tooth

Below are common reasons why a dental professional can recommend tooth removal:

  • Severe dental decay

Severe tooth decay is the most common instance when tooth extraction is necessary. When bacteria enter the tooth, it eats up its structure. It infects the pulp tissues like the nerves and blood vessels, significantly weakening your tooth and causing serious symptoms like severe discomfort, swelling, and abscess.

Based on the extent of the decay, the dentist can try saving the tooth through restorative treatments like dental fillings, root canal therapy, dental onlays, and dental crowns. Tooth extractions near you may be necessary to prevent the infection from spreading and relieve your symptoms if the tooth is excessively decayed and can’t support these treatments.

  • Severe gum disease

Gum or periodontal disease is the inflammation of the supporting tissues of the teeth. Like tooth decay, gum disease develops gradually, with symptoms like gum soreness, swelling, and bleeding, especially when brushing.

When not treated promptly, gum disease can progress, leading to serious symptoms like gum recession, which exposes the teeth roots and underlying bone and surrounding tissues. The periodontal infection destroys these supporting tissues of the teeth, causing the teeth to fall out or weaken, necessitating tooth extraction.

  • Impacted wisdom tooth

Wisdom tooth impaction happens when a third molar doesn’t have enough room to erupt or develop normally. It can cause significant discomfort, infections, and damage to the surrounding teeth. Tooth extraction is often necessary to remove the impacted tooth to alleviate discomfort and prevent further complications.

  • Orthodontic treatments

Sometimes, a dentist or orthodontist can recommend tooth extraction for orthodontic treatments. For instance, a tooth can be removed to eliminate overcrowding or allow for other teeth to be aligned properly when using braces or Invisalign.

  • Severe tooth trauma

Severe dental trauma from accidents, grinding, or biting on hard items can cause tooth fractures, chips, or breaks. Minor to moderate damages can be repaired with dental treatments like fillings, inlays and onlays, and crowns. However, if the damage is excessive and the tooth can’t support a dental restoration, extraction may be the only option to prevent further issues.

  • Oral surgery

Tooth extraction can help achieve optimal results from oral surgeries like orthognathic surgery. This surgery corrects jaw and face conditions related to growth, TMJ disorders, and sleep apnea.

  • Cancer treatments

Sometimes, cancer treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy may significantly affect your dental health, necessitating tooth extraction to prevent further complications.

  • Baby teeth extraction

While baby teeth are supposed to loosen and fall out naturally, sometimes they may be delayed, necessitating a tooth extraction to pave the way for the adult teeth. If not removed, the adult teeth can erupt or develop at the wrong angle, causing misalignments and overcrowding.

Some of the benefits delivered through tooth extraction

  • Protect your oral and overall health

Extreme oral infections like decay and abscesses can spread to nearby structures like the gums, bone, and connective tissues, resulting in more serious oral and health issues. Tooth extraction can eliminate the infection and prevent further complications. It helps maintain good oral and overall health.

  • Alleviates pain and other symptoms

Certain dental conditions like tooth decay, trauma, and impacted wisdom teeth can cause significant symptoms like pain, swelling, bleeding, and infections, making normal oral functions like chewing, speaking, and brushing painful and difficult. Tooth extraction can help address the underlying issues, alleviating discomfort and other symptoms.

  • Cosmetic improvements

Tooth imperfections like teeth stains, decay, fractures, and misalignments, especially on the front of the mouth, can significantly impact the aesthetics of your smile. Extracting the teeth and replacing them with natural-looking restorations like dental implants or bridges can give a more natural, confident, and beautiful smile.

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